College Admissions Essay: My Life As A Third Culture Kid

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All my life I have been on the move from one city to another living no more than three years in each. And each brought me unique experiences, that when people ask “well which do you like best?” I could not possibly decide, as you cannot compare a city with one another for each was during a different time in my life and in different circumstances. The one thing they have in common- Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Panama City, Sydney, New York and Buenos Aires- is the presence of the international communities. This is the only way of life I know, getting somewhere, unpacking, starting to settle down only to pick things up back again to start a new journey. This way of life has given me the tools and skills necessary to view things through a different lens, to be acceptant of others cultures and traditions and open to different thoughts and ideas. Upon living all over the map I am filled with the desire to learn, experience and continue to steep out of my comfort zone. I tend to study at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to continue to extend my horizons…show more content…
Promoting international awareness and knowledge is what I have being doing all my life; after all I have practically being raised on the move. Being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) has allowed me to adapt to any scenario, regardless of the differences the places I lived posses, while simultaneously maintaining my identity. That is not to say that I as a person have not changed, if anything I take with me a little pearl, a lesson, a way of thinking from each place. This has allowed me to grow as a human being by breaking down walls of self-doubt, fear and insecurity. Emerging oneself into a new culture is not easy, if anything it is challenging, but worth it for the experiences and friendships gained along the way. The panoramic view of life, the people one meets and how strong the experience itself makes you is something, which enriches one for

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