My Dinner Conversation Analysis

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Growing up with two parents who work in the healthcare field, you become saturated with it. Healthcare becomes a focus of dinner conversations reflecting the entire spectrum of the patient-provider relationship from funny stories to intense life-threatening moments. At times, this environment can push children towards trying new and unique experiences. For me this was the case. After having an opportunity to teach overseas for three months, life began to push me towards a vocation change. Teach for America afforded me the opportunity to delve into this potential career change without having to restart my entire undergraduate career. As I complete the halfway point of my TFA commitment, I have come to realize that my dinner conversations have changed drastically. Instead of discussing the latest technology that has changed laboratory protocol over the last 20 years or discussing how to predict snorers based on the size and shape of their necks, my conversations reflect the supposed fact that middle school students are the same as when I was in middle school. Teaching has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my entire life. This said, it has taught me a valuable lesson. What makes a vocation meaningful is not time off and a high salary. It…show more content…
Students have some of the most heartbreaking stories one has ever heard, but they also have some of the most uplifting stories one have ever heard. Our co-workers similarly have incredible stories. When we slow down and listen, we can find meaning in our own lives by listening to the stories of others. Holistic patient care attempts to listen to the stories of others. Instead of treating patients as a number that will occupy a hospital bed before moving out in the wake of an oncoming slew of patients, holistic care attempts to listen. Listen to the stories of those who are hurting and those who are thriving to learn something and hopefully be able to share something with
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