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In the fall semester of 2015, my English Composition 1 class with 3 classes-per-week started. To conduct this paper I will briefly describe me. I am a freshman with the major of Petroleum Engineering. This information is relevant, in fact, because I will compare my expected major writing and the writing I am using right now. In a way to introduce me to future academic writings, the course of English Composition 1, indeed, has taught me important skills that can help me cope for future non-major required courses for me and in some aspects of my major. First, with the help of the “Create a Research Space” (CARS) Model of Research Introductions by writer and linguist John Swales, I learned how to decipher some readings by famous writers such…show more content…
For instance, I define a discourse community as a group of individuals willing to exchange efforts and some with similar interests with a finality of contributing positively to a given society (Cerqueira “Analysis on Cate Restaurant” 1). However, James Porter defines discourse community as “a group of individuals bound by a common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourse is regulated” (Porter 400). These concepts above are to show that different people can have different arguments about discourse community. Fourth, using the notion of discourse community it was required to make an essay based on one discourse community and that we could conduct interviews, observations, a document of the community, and create an argument based on all sources. So, with all of these requirements I learn to make an analysis. Yet, because my major may not require me to use some skills useful in this course, I reached the argument that although most of the assignments made in this course can be irrelevant for my course, the analysis and the audience can be significant for my success in my major due to their multifunctional…show more content…
These benefits can be the different audiences and analysis on different paper because they had proven me that for each task, there can be a different audience. For example, a chemistry audience may not be equal to an English audience because they expect different themes and in chemistry there is less expectancy on the audience than in English. Similarly, there could also be different analysis. For instance, a given chemistry report expects a different analysis from English because while chemistry rewrites a real lab experiment, with less significance on writing than on calculations, English gives more emphasis on written analysis. Withal, for me, writing in general has a huge importance to the world. Not only because we can communicate through it, but also because is a way to transmit learning methods to the world, reflect on it and be entertained by it. To not get in top deep to when writing was invented, this instant that you read this whole essay, made you the audience reflect and take conclusions to it, which can be one of the purposes of

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