My Discourse Community Essay

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We communicate in many ways, either by email, telephone, text, face to face, social media or letters and the language we use allows us to get things done, nonetheless the language and communication method in which we chose to use can vary depending on the discourse community. Much like John Swales suggests a discourse community involves a group of people who share the same common public goals, such as shared interests, rules, structure, and vocabulary. When thinking about the several discourse communities I am evolved in, which include family, coaching football, college student, and a few friends. These discourse communities have influenced me, given me insight of where I come from and tell who I am as a person. I also believe much like Swales,…show more content…
Furthermore I consider practices as a form of meeting with everyone involve within my team. These meetings where also conducted to provide information and feedback to all members, which is number three on swales lists. Our practices were not always about running drills, we worked play calls and terminology, which meant the team, would be split up based on positions and offense or defense. While information and feedback was also given this would be another example of Swale method of intercommunication within my discourse community. Also in this football discourse community, we definitely used a unique lexis, or language that may not be used in other discourse communities. For example on defense are terms would switch, like if we said Boston, hawk or gunner the defensive players knew how to change their assignment we also had different terminology for offense and special teams. This sort of language or acquired lexis was specific to this particular team and group of players. This example is indicative to swales fifth and six rule of owning a specific lexis with a suitable level of
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