Personal Narrative: My Grandfather And Its Impact On My Life

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A few months ago, as my mother picked me up from school, she broke the news to me that my grandfather developed stage 4 lung cancer. Since my grandfather is one of the most important people in my life, hearing the news that he was soon passing away made me, and the people around me feel completely helpless. As my mom broke this horrible news to me, I shut myself from believing it. I find it quaint that my grandfather impacted my life in such a tremendous way. Although my grandfather was not biologically related to me, he taught me how giving up is never the solution to a problem. Before I came into this world, my biological grandparents were divorced. For reasons being my father only spoke to his mother (which is my grandmother). A few years…show more content…
I wanted to seem strong in front of my family. I wanted to make it seem as if I still had hope even though deep inside I knew my grandfather was dying. I did not know what to say to him. Was I supposed to say bye? Was I supposed to pretend as if nothing were happening? Realizing what I had to do, became my last resort, but in the thrill of it all I decided to write him a letter. In the letter, I wrote what I hoped to feel, but I lied. I knew that making it out of this tragedy, was almost impossible. I wrote that I still felt hope, even though I did not. I will never forget the face he made to me when he finished reading the letter. He got up from his chair, hugged me tightly then, whispered in my ear “everything is going to be okay”. Again, I wanted to seem strong, so I did not cry in front of him. I remember running to the restroom right after releasing from the hug, to only break down in my own tears. After what seemed like forever, I came out from the restroom and tried to comfort my family, which only made me feel worse. Reality and the pain I could not face. I think what shocks me the most out of all the situations my grandfather was put in, never once did it cross his mind to give
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