My Dream I Wanna Be In The Nhl Analysis

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Paragraph 1

My Dream is to be in the nhl and i have the desire to do that. I have the desire to practice. and i have the confidence to make it to higher leagues and i need lots of practice to be in the nhl because the people in the nhl right now are very good.I also have the desire to be a mechanical engineer if i don 't make the nhl and i need schooling for that.

Paragraph 2

I really wanna be in the NHL but i also need a side job or something to do that i can 't just play hockey for life when i don 't have games or even when hockey season is over i need a job other than hockey so i have enough money to buy food. I won 't miss any schooling and i will try my hardest. If i get a side job it 's gonna be a mechanical engineer but i won 't
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