My Dream In My Life

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“For the first time in the years the tears were streaming down my face”. I suddenly recognize what I have almost identified clearly in my life does not exist any longer. After a meeting with a man called Devlin from Detroit, something in my heart was lost. He made me recall a lot of memories that is seemingly forgotten. He made me recall a name, Judy Jones, used to be my winter dream. A long time ago, I, a young caddy called Dexter Green, met and loved her. The beauty of her neck, the excited kisses, her bright eyes, “her freshness like new fine linen in the morning”, etc. are going through my head one by one. Long ago, everything might be in me; however, in present it seems to go away. I wonder what exactly my dream was in my life. People have to undergo bad time in their life, included me. It’s hard to throw back with my misconception of the meaning of life. Such a normal person, I also have a dream of fame and fortune and improving my social class. It is one day in the past… At Sherry Island Golf Club, I was an honest boy of fourteen years old and fascinated head-over-heels by willful, artificial, and radiant eleven-year-old girl, Judy Jones. She is my courage to get better so that I could align myself with her. All of the beauty appears to go along with extreme wealth. Winning her also means winning wealth. Time goes by so fast. I have become a successful entrepreneur in the business world. Wealth brings me to the high class in society. I am given a party by playing golf

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