My Dream Short Story

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I’m so excited during today class because teacher is asking our dream. Dream, everyone have a dream or more than one. The teacher opened her book and started calling out names alphabetically: “Ken?” “I want to become a doctor who can help and save many patient’s life just like my father.” “That 's very nice, Ken. Very, very nice indeed.” Ken, he is my desk-mate. I always kept on eyes on him because I loved him for his goodness, his smart looking and his popularity. Nobody dislike him and almost every girls in our school wish to be with him and hang out like a couple. He is just too perfect until you may think that he shouldn’t exist in earth that sort of thought. I’m paying my fully concentration when he is talking about his dream until someone knock my table. I was shock and get back my attention back to reality life where I saw teacher standing in front of me. “Chris, please pay attention while the class is going on. And what is your dream?”, asked by teacher with a angry expression. I faster stands up and said “I want to become a woman like my mother, who wear dresses and makeup everyday like a princess.” Teacher feels shock and shake her head while my classmates started laughing at me and Ken is one of them. I was so shock when i saw him laughing like he was watching a comedy show. Then teacher just reply me “please come to see me when the class end.” and she continues passing the question to others. At that moment I doesn 't feel like I said anything funny, but I
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