My Dream Study Abroad

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Many years ago, in my country, study abroad was always mentioned as something with a high threshold, impossible to achieve and just only for the upper class of society because of the tuition fee. But now, everything is changing with the furious speed so study overseas is “opened” for everyone who has great ability. We all want to find a brighter future for our life, to get our dream job with an acceptable salary and a chance to go further in our career. Studying in a better curriculum is also the reason why we have a desire to be an international student so we can easily put ourselves in the process of nurturing our maturity, defining who we are and developing our characteristics. That is also my dream, my biggest ambition because I was born in a low-income family. I don’t really have the best condition to truly study without worried because I have to help my parents for reducing their difficulties which they have been through for a long time. Enduring a hard time, facing with my self maybe is something that I will have to struggle if I can study abroad but it won’t be my barriers. I want to experience more about this world, force myself go outer my comfort zone with the thought:”Youth is for trying, not for procrastinating. I have one life, my parents gave it to me so I have to truly live”. My parents always remind me of my childhood, the time which I always talk about my dream job: to be a doctor. Time flows, I’m growing up and so that I can realize France is the best

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