My Dream To Be An Architect Essay

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Everyone has his or her goals in the lifetime. So do I; personally, I plan goals ahead so I would get the expectation of what I am living for at the present and in the future. First, I have to look further at my career. It is my dream to be an architect. I always love to design new and interesting-looking buildings that would appear futuristically modern and à la mode. It is, off course, easier said than done to merely say that I will be an architect in the future. It requires at least the professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture to start off as a novice in the field. I keep my fingers crossed to hope that I would not give up in the middle of the way. Beside the path going to be a future architect, I have to have someone who would support…show more content…
We would share our time to show the societies what is missing, to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, and to volunteer our effort to at least somewhat help reinforce the cultures that we once used to embraced dearly. We know that it would take a protracted time to complete any of these, we grow old with the dilapidated bodies, but our ideas and our values will be abiding and immutable through the times to watch the next generation arise and act in the different ways from us. If I have time to ponder upon my life goals when I get older, the three most important life goals that I want to have accomplished are 1) to be in the dangerous adventures with my friends and my family so I know that this life is worth adventuring for, 2) to get in a fight so I know the taste of this bitter-sweet life, and 3) to be on any random TV shows so I can experience something fun in the cruel face of the earth. Just a glimpse of the eyes will be the amount of time from my appearance as a baby to the appearance of an older, hoary man. Time is precious so I have to treasure every turning and passing of it, and I should use it in the wise and memorable

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