My Dream To Become A Lawyer: A Career As A Career

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It has been my dream to become a Lawyer ever since the 7th grade. It was at this point in my life that an interest turned into a deep love. The journey started when I was a very young child. I remember even before I set foot in middle school, as a very young boy, I would always watch crime shows such as “Law & Order” in my free time instead of playing video games or watching cartoons like my peers would. The ones who would always catch my attention were not the detectives or the officers but the individuals in the courtroom. The ones who stood up and faced the judge and the jury. The ones who with great intelligence as well as great emotion stated their case. However, I didn’t know who they were. One day after watching an episode I just could not handle my curiosity any longer and very eagerly ran to my computer. After looking through information I came across the word, Lawyer. Once I reached middle school I immediately signed up for the mock trial team. It was as educational as it was an enjoyable experience. At this point it had become apparent to me that I wanted to pursue a career as a Lawyer, however, I cannot become one until I receive the necessary credentials. My first step in my educational journey to become a Lawyer is attending Prince George’s Community College (PGCC). By doing this, I am providing myself with the opportunity to start my college career while still in High School. Being exposed to the college life at such a young age better prepares me
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