My Dreamcatcher Monologue

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MMM! As the sound of my dreamcatcher blew gracefully through the chinook. My grandfather gave it to me, he is the chief of all our tribe. Our appellation was the Comanches. We had a reputation for optimism. Our religion of course was Animism, based on spirits and animals. Every time I had a dream my grandfather told me it would be good, because the dreamcatcher wards off all evil. My grandmother had made the one I use. Yet every time I dream, she comes to me, only in my sleep. Grandfather says she’s trying to tell me something, something only I would understand. It turns out the dreamcatcher is sacred and special. It had bizarre patterns, silky smooth deer skin, feathers as meticulous as silk, and beads that made time elapse by if you glared long enough at them. All…show more content…
All bound together to form one magnificent adze. I received this gift to protect myself from great calamity. There was a curse that was put on the adze. If anyone were to bare their hands upon my adze. They would be apprehended and be arraigned to certain death. War was rare to us Comanches, but if an enemy were to attack. We would be prepared to fight for our land! Both the dreamcatcher and tomahawk bring glorious luck to my family. I treasure them greatly. The adze is sharper and tougher than a diamond in the ground. The dreamcatcher lies in my teepee beyond the howling mountains. As for the tomahawk. It is set beside me, if danger ever strikes. Bears, wolves, owls, deer, elk, and many more animals are very common in the mountains. I hunt with the adze, and my spear for freshwater fishes. My clothing consist of different articles of animals. Bears.. Wolves for jackets. Mountain lion for blankets and Rabbits for soft lustrous pillows. I was taught to never waste an animal. I must use every part. Bones for spoons, forks and knives. The meat to feed our tribe and fur for clothing or other things. Every morning I wake up to do hunting or other sorts
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