My Dreams Ageism

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fter watching the movie “I’ll See You in My Dreams, although quite humorous and enjoyable, I found the issues of ageism and sexism displayed in this movie. Also there were some signs of prejudice that held an inaccurate attitude about a category of people. In this case, it was an inaccurate attitude about older women. I never really have tried to observe issues in a movie before so it was interesting to catch certain displays. There were many strong portrayals and opportunities to observe the main character, Carol Petersen. That main subject was time and how older people deal with their finality. There was a sense of the term “double standard of aging” that was displayed, which is the combination of sexism and ageism. Carol Petersen is displayed…show more content…
He offend Carol implying she seemed dead since she was just old and not lively in his eyes. This situation resonated to me because I found what he said extremely hurtful and displayed ageism and prejudice. Later on Lloyd has a unexpected friendship with Carol. Lloyd, who was much younger than Carol, felt as if he had nothing in life to look forward to and there was nothing for him except the responsibility he has with his mother. Another character was Bill. Bill displayed more confidence than Carol at first. Society typically display men as having more confidence later in life. Women with older age are viewed negative due to their wrinkles and aging physical appearance. As soon as Carol and Bill hit it off, Carol receives a message from her daughter, Katherine, who has not came to visit her in a while and spends time with her. She starts building new relationships and renewing relationships. I believe its never too early or too late in life to do such. Bill passes away from an unknown condition, and Carol was not able to say goodbye to him. She reveals to her daughter there is not point of getting attached to anyone if death is certain to happen, which I found to be the most touching part of the movie. This is the 2nd death that Carol experienced in the movie; the first death including her elderly dog in the beginning of the movie. She kept the cigar he always carried around during the movie
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