My Dreams Come True Essay

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“Never give up on what you really want to do The person with big dreams is more powerful Than one with all the facts.” -Albert Einstein

A man with dreams is the man who wants to be a successful person someday that’s why we never give up on our dreams whatever happens. Because our dreams are the best foundation to step up in life and we also use it as a motivation to make our dreams come true.
As a person, I have a dream and I’ll never give up for it at any cost. Like in my studies, I did not give it up to fulfill all my dreams even if they are difficult or challenging to do. I am doing my best to finish my degree and I will give up everything for my studies except my family because at the end, I believe all things that I’ve given up along the way upon reaching my goals will surely be paid off and get all the fruits of my sacrifices when I already finished my studies and I find a decent job. I can reflect on the quote based on my past experiences. I sacrificed myself because I had to stop from my schooling in order to give a chance to my brother who also had to study in college. Even it was against my will, I just had to accept it since there’s nothing that can I do. I had to look for a decent job so I can help my parents in saving up and also provide financial assistance to my brother’s school necessities. I also saved for myself so that can continue my studies and I am now fighting for my dreams.

The only way to do great work is to love

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