My Dreams In High School

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My dreams are as big as the ocean

This is what happened

My sister did great in school, in High school she was the student with the highest gpa from her school even graduated with honors.
She started distancing herself from the family
Started to make bad choices that the family didn't agree
Until she had her baby

Since I was 4 years old I remember I would stop playing with my dolls in the afternoon every school day and checking the time almost at every instant waiting for my sister in the living room looking standing up in the couch looking out thru the window excited to see my sister come back from school. I was always excited to see her walking home with her black long hair put, carrying her little bookbag, her blue shirt
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I would wait a couple minutes for her to go to the kitchen and eat and go straight to her bedroom and check her bookbag. Check all of her notebooks and books and see what was new and pretend i was reading even though I didn't know how to. I was always excited to learn about school that's all I cared about when I was growing up. Watch my sister going to school since I couldn't because of my age was such a good motivating to me to be anxious to start school to grow up and do big things. This was just the start of how I started to look up to my sister.

Years after and nothing changed until we were both a teenagers. It was amazing seeing my sister progress so much in school,more like stay stable and keeping up with her school work.. Always doing good being focused on every little thing that had to do with school. I never met someone like that specially graduating with the highest Gps from her school and honors well right after she was done with college out of a sudden all of that changed.

I was
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If you don't love yourself enough and if you're not confident enough with yourself that's why you start letting people stepping on you. After graduating for college my sister started talking to someone the person who completely changed. I remember it was a raining day in the winter when she decided to take me shopping on a saturday and tell me all about it. She looked super excited to tell me about her new boo but I was just excited to shop for the winter. I didn't pay much attention to what she was telling me about how amazing he was or how she was describing him all I don't recall anything except her smile on her face.My weakness always been my sisters so i thoight if anyone could make my sister smile shine like that then that person most be great for her. She always used to come home happy after going on dates with him you know like going to the movies go for dinner,lunch, or just stay in the car type of dates. After a couple months of her being in that relationship she started coming home crying I would say almost everyday. Locked herself in the room and call me on the phone so I could go and just hug her. Asking me what is she doing wrong but my response most of the time was “ you're doing too much, you're too much of a woman and not everybody can handle that.” She made me always promised to not tell my mom about it day by day to keep my promised but from every tear that came out her
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