My Drunk Education Short Story

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My Drunk Education Pre-K- My mom became nothing in my early years of teacher thought I was outspoken and misunderstood.I thought I was being nice,but everyone thought I was crazy. that's the year my emotions became one in a million different ways. I was diagnosed bipolar. I also had two major seizures. kindergarten- by kindergarten I live with my mom and a guy I called "dad". my teacher Mrs.hill we all called her . Everyone had a huge crush on her,they said she was the pinnacle of beauty. Kindergarten for me was easy but hard. I was bullied all the time,but never told because I saw it happen to my mom she was bullied by daddy.she laugh and say they were "playing a game".I knew she was lying because she had glossy eyes like she was trying not to cry. first grade- "daddy" hit me. mommy just cried and wondered why daddy" was so mean to us. school bullies got funnier. I still cried though. but first grade for me was two years long. Mrs.gann had a talking mole. The private school hated poverty. Mrs.Lynn Fanning loved me though she helped me through it even when I "fell" off the side of the slide. Everyone thought it was funny. I ended up in the hospital. second grade- I was 8 years old and the guidance counselor always talked to me asking if the bullies did…show more content…
i tried my hardest to be the best and still failed every time.i wanted the teacher to look at me and say good job not i'm sorry.that was the year i told i told everything, well almost one believed me though. they all believed him and not me. how dare they right well why would anyone believe someone who smells like an animal and is treated like one to.the summer after me and mommy left him we went to a not so much sleep over with a lot of other girls. we all had the same story where "daddy" was being mean to us and bullied mommy. i had said he threw me at a wall and they believed me . finally someone believed me.but nothing was with us but the clothes on our
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