My Dungeon Shook James Baldwin Analysis

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In My Dungeon Shook, a short story within Vintage Baldwin, written by James Baldwin in 1963, reveals many dilemmas that the story conveys in which the characters and elements reinforce throughout the story. In the story, Baldwin is conducting a letter to his future nephew on the hundredth anniversary of the Emancipation revealing how society was at the time and how life was lived for an African American. Religion was a factor in Baldwin’s life. Many African American and Baldwin relied on God and figured that God will help the white society realize their wrongs. The African American society relied on patience for hundreds of years and is discussed their patience and restraint throughout the letter. Throughout the letter, Baldwin discusses how to…show more content…
Throughout My Dungeon Shook, the African American community and James Baldwin faces many problems and segregation in their everyday life. He tells his nephew how difficult life is being segregated and how not much has changed since the Emancipation. He begins to talk about it not being fair just because of the color of their skin. Throughout the letter, he discusses how his nephew should deal with everyday life and what he should he expect. He tells his nephew how he should accept what the white society is doing and how he should deal with it in his future. He says rebelling will not change anything and all his nephew will need is patience. Throughout the letter, Baldwin states important information and many situations such as how African Americans were treated and how many of situations and elements were approached throughout that time period. Religion was a big part of Baldwin life and incorporated it through his hardships. The title of the letter written to his nephew also tied into how he felt during that time period. Through this short story, Baldwin and all the elements in the story identify a dilemma that the story conveys, and helps to illustrate and reinforce the issue that is going on during this
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