My Education And Education: The Importance Of Education

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As an introvert child, most part of my childhood has been a blind belief path of what was acceptable to my parents and society. Education, as we know it has benefited us at all stages, in ways we have least expected. Like any other growing child, I was bombarded with this one frequent question which was: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Quite clueless on what I wanted to do, I would just nod my head when my parents answered; he is going to be a doctor. It was that time of my life when I knew I would go on to become a doctor one day, but I wasn’t sure of what I would be doing as one. Being vouched for by my parents, I began to live their dream. As a hard working student, I earned myself a seat in the Dental College. Everything seemed to be perfect according to what my parents had wished for. It was not until the end of year 1, when I faired haplessly bad in my exams. Things appeared to come to a standstill. And this event turned out to be the true difference maker in the early stages of my career as a student. It was during this time that I began to realize the importance and seriousness of a professional healthcare course. Having faced failure at an early stage, I was instilled with a strong belief to succeed. I had surrendered to a dream which I was yet to realize. I took my initial failure as a lesson which only magnified my spirits and motivated me to begin once again more wisely. Having experienced this downfall, this time around I was more inclined

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