My Educational Experience: The Importance Of Teaching In The Past

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While stepping into a new position I can better observe, analyze and critique my ways of teaching in the past. When I was nineteen years old I barely understood the importance of assessment. I considered the assessing process part of my school requirements and more paper work. For years, I blamed the system for not providing a good evaluation (a term used in Ecuador) system. I felt frustrated mostly because I could picture myself in (what?) them. When I was a high school student, I spent hours studying to pass exams (but was little involved in my own learning.) Explain please. When I became a teacher I wanted to change the feeling I had when I was in school.from my past experiences. I wanted my students to remember my classes and apply the lessons they learned in real life. I was eager to teach, but as a young woman, in her first year of college, did not know how. In college Of course college gave I learned me some guidance in methodologies, teaching strategies and educational psychology, but even then the process of assessing remained (Use another word)uncommon for me. I used to confuse terms like evaluate, test, quiz and assess. I learned more from my experiences and failures rather that what I was taught in college taught me. Thanks to my the experiences and the numerous professional development sessions through the schools I worked through, I became more aware of the (which? Importance or necessity?) importance and necessity of well designed assessments.

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