Classroom Management Research Paper

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As a teacher, I will be responsible for the development of each of my students for that year. Not only will I need to ensure that they are meeting academic standards, I will also need to help them develop socially and emotionally. In order to do this effectively, there are several key factors that I must consider. First, I will have to consider how to teach them in a way that allows all of the students to learn effectively. I will also have to consider how to assess their knowledge, manage their behavior, create a positive environment, and implement technology in order to enhance their learning. Although all of these different factors come with their own sets of challenges, I believe that I can overcome these by following my beliefs about…show more content…
In order to be an effective teacher, I believe that it is necessary to set clear expectations for your students. The use of a tools such as CHAMPS will allow my students to know what I expect of them for any activity that is being performed. As Eric Green states, “We can’t hold kids accountable for things we’ve never told them we expect. Behavior should be treated like academics. Students have to be taught the skills they need.” Thus, by having clear expectations, behavioral issues are often avoided. However, at times it is necessary to discipline a student for their behavior. I believe that when it comes to breaking the rules, a discipline hierarchy is one of the most effective tools. This allows the students to receive a warning before they are punished more severely. I believe that many behavioral problems can often be handled through discussing the student’s behavior and giving them a second chance. The discipline hierarchy allows the students to self correct their behavior before incurring a harsher form of punishment. Overall, although I believe that having clear expectations and behavioral procedures are essential for good classroom management, I also believe that one must still remember what an effective teacher looks like. Thus, when it comes to the area of classroom management, it is still vital that the teacher strives to maintain positive relationships with the students. Effective classroom management is not simply about punishing the student and moving on. Instead, a teacher should remind the child that they are capable of behaving better, and encourage them to do their best. Finally, effective classroom management also relies on having a positive classroom
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