Essay On Future Goals

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We live in an ever growing, fast-paced, technologically-advanced world. I have set goals in my personal, educational, and professional life that prepare me to grow and change with that world. These goals for myself embrace moving with the ebb and flow rather than fighting against the burgeoning current of our advancements. My personal, educational, and professional goals favor the idea of welcoming change. When I envision who I will be in the future, I envision myself to be different compared to who I am now as a result of the goals I have established in my personal life. I hope to reach a version of myself that is not confined by a singular identity, for my passions are spread out across a broad spectrum of interests. I am not only an aspiring…show more content…
The interaction between my core values and what I want to gain through education needs to be harmonious. Essentially, what I hope to accomplish in my educational career is to gain a sense of an interconnectedness between the world, its inhabitants, and how they interact with one another. In order to accomplish this all-encompassing goal, I plan to continue my education so I can earn a Master’s degree in Anthropology after completing my Bachelors in the same field. Understanding the shape of our world through humanity is the essence of my educational identity. Additionally, I have created more goals that I hope will make this educational identity multidimensional. I want to learn as many languages as I can in order to connect with people on a global scale. Also, I hope to build a connection with my professors and mentors to learn about their journey in their educational career. Moreover, I plan to combine a variety of subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Biology, Geology, Politics, Journalism, and English Literature in conjunction with Anthropology in order to think critically and holistically. Lastly, I aim to supplement my learning from inside of the classroom with what I learn outside of the classroom in order to grow into a well-rounded
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