Reflective Essay On My Experience In Education

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This year is the last year of my educational journey at this ancient university. So, it's a very important year for me. During my course of study, which began several years ago, I made a great effort to learn and experience. I had the opportunity to meet new students representing different cultures and backgrounds. Some of them are studying with me the same specialization: electrical engineering and electronics. Sharing experiences, knowledge is a real gain for any student and their results will be reflected it in the future, especially during the work and employment period. During this semester, I enjoyed studying ENGGEN403, which adds a lot to my knowledge and experience and has improved my knowledge in my field of expertise and helped me…show more content…
I learned that team-working leads to great results and that splitting large groups into subgroups helps organize work and makes it more flexible. I also learned that the real success of any project is in the management of time, which is an art by itself. Moreover, the system week allows me to have a new skill that to find a mutually agreeable outcome. I learned from the team that a big team is just made up from small sub-team and the team leaders are playing a big role in communication between these subgroups. I learned that excellent teamwork in the subgroup and between the subgroup is the key to success in design activities when the time is limited. I learned from my team to look at things from different aspects and an entirely new perspective. Before the system week.I do not have experience in finance, but while working with the team, I gained some experience in dealing with finance. Working in a big team allows me to decide on which part of the project I will work. This allows working comfortably with maximum effort. During the system week, I discovered that the process of notetaking process is helpful, as it ensured that I listened carefully and allowed me to remember the key aspects of the project. One thing I found on this system week that I like to help resolve the team issues through research and communication. I believe working with different students contributed different perspectives and the synergy between the team allow us to be more creative and

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