My Educational Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Education

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Teaching is a mission that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It 's full of duties, challenges, responsibilities, expectations and frustration. However, it’s also full of enjoyments and pleasures. I believe that education should stimulate learning. Our future is based on our students. Students’ lives can be influenced in a positive way. Each of them has the potential to bring something unusual and exceptional to the world. Teaching is a respectable and honorable occupation that demands commitment. My philosophy of education includes setting up high expectations and a cooperative environment for all students and staff. My strategies involve establishing clear goals and visions and understanding the different teaching techniques. Students should achieve all their goals in life; therefore the purpose of education is to nourish the mind, body and spirit. Education should cultivate the capability to make the best use of their personality, environments and surroundings in order to achieve the maximum in life for themselves or others. Developing cultivated individuals, nurturing their inner freedom, adapting them to new circumstances, enhancing their critical learning, adjusting them to solve life’s problems are all aims of education. “The goal of education is inward freedom” (Carl Rogers 1969. Freedom to Learn.) Another educational aim is supporting the learning of technique as well as developing the ability to experience an integrated life. Students should be fearless, capable to face

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