Becoming A Teacher: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Teaching is a mission that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It 's full of duties, challenges, responsibilities, expectations and frustration. However, it’s also full of enjoyments and pleasures. I believe that education should stimulate learning. Our future is based on our students. Students’ lives can be influenced in a positive way. Each of them has the potential to bring something unusual and exceptional to the world. Teaching is a respectable and honorable occupation that demands commitment. My philosophy of education includes setting up high expectations and a cooperative environment for all students and staff. My strategies involve establishing clear goals and visions and understanding the different teaching techniques.
Students should achieve
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Motivating students is not a straightforward, one-step process. Motivation strategies are very personal and vary from one teacher to another. Since motivation is a key factor in the success of the students, teachers should become familiar with different aspects of motivation: Motivation through interaction, motivation through teacher’s personality and motivation due to the environment. Some of the methods I believe are the best for motivating students are: Giving them a sense of control, creating a threat-free environment, using a positive competition, assigning them responsibilities, working in group, encouraging self- criticism, offering rewards, tracking the students’ progress and providing opportunities for…show more content…
Each student is different from the other; therefore, equilibrium of instructional methods and approaches is a key to reach all learners. Some of the major goals I have set to myself as a teacher are to improve my teaching methods to stimulate the students’ attention and interest by using technology and oral- communication strategies. Setting up plans to meet the needs of all the learners, establishing techniques to improve classroom management are two other important goals. For example, we can let students work in groups, give them the permission to move around in workshops or labs and engage them in discussions. We should prepare lessons plans for all the class and some extra work for the enriched students. Other main goals I have set to myself are to inspire students and to aid them find their voice and follow their values. As Dent says “Nothing pushes students to do their best work like a professor who takes pride not in his or her own accomplishments, but in helping others realize their potential”. Good teachers give students the ability to communicate efficiently and the confidence to express what they
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