My Elementary School Experience: My Experience In My Elementary School

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My elementary school experience was an okay .I was in the 3rd grade. We had career day. Someone will come in and talk about what they do in their job. There were firefighter, police officer, and doctors, Lawyers, etc. There was one that catches my eye. That was a Principle. She talk about how hard it is to be one but she said it was fun because she sees the students grow up from pre-k to the 5th grade. She loves it because she help parent and she felt like she carry out a goal in her life helping others that need the help. The hardest part off her job is that she can’t remember everybody names especially the students. I love all my teachers.

I made her remember mines. My parents put me in afterschool programs and I was in the dance team and in homework help. She was the one that will stay and watch us dances before she goes home. We start to dance for our school like we will make dance show; talent shows and my parents will come to the show and support us. My mom and dad were always supporting me. I love school at that time but some stuff I will feel sad.

Why because in elementary it was not all about having fun. I had friend and I had people who were very bad to me. They started to bully me. They started to call me names because I was fat and short. They will say why are you here in school go away. I don’t want to be your friend. I did not let it get to me. Bully was not heard so much like now. Bullied is heard a lot and people don’t have the support

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