An Essay About Hercules My Epic Hero

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Ivette Padilla

Mr. Recinto

English 1-2 2B

November 18, 2015

"Hercules, My Epic Hero"

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and all have different backgrounds and characteristics that make them heroes. Epics, most importantly, ancient epics are all based around heroes and their journeys. The most well-known and one of the most important ones is, Hercules. Hercules was featured in both Roman and Greek mythology because he was an important aid to both nationalities ' history he was known as Herakles in Greek mythology and Hercules in Roman mythology. He was the son of Zeus, the god of the sky and the ruler of the Olympian Gods, and Alcmene. He had enemies before he was even born and that was the reason behind him going through all the hardships and still coming out on top as Greece 's most widely-respected heroes. Even though every hero is unique in their own way, each one of them represent the same 3 main characteristics. Hercules is my epic hero because of his heroic actions, his immortality, and the courage he possesses.

The first and most important reason why Hercules is my epic hero is because he managed to do everything in a heroic manner and the difficult tasks he overcame. When he was born, and before that, he already had gained an enemy, Hera. Hera was
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Hercules was known as both an immortal and a mortal. He was caring and self-less like a mortal hero, but also strong and willing to give up everything to help others even if he might die like an immortal hero. The idea of immortality and mortality is the same concept if you ask yourself what a hero is, the answer will always be different. To me, being immortal means overcoming obstacles that tested you in ways that you might have gotten killed or sacrifice yourself to save others. Hercules did this when he won wars and battles between immortals and mortals and came out victorious against
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