My Epiphany Project

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Epiphany Project My epiphany actually happened not too long ago, about a week ago. Since this was my most recent epiphany I have decided to do my project on it. To fully understand my epiphany I believe you will need to know a little background information. This first started around halfway through the school year, just after most of the sophomores finished the online elective class. My teacher proceeded to ask everyone in the room if they were willing to take another online class. She had said that the class was worth one credit and it only had eleven some odd quizzes to take and that they were common knowledge questions. Of course me being the young naive girl I was, I accepted with a smile. Saying to myself that this would be easy and another…show more content…
Although I realized a few weeks later in the words of Isaac newton, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . Sitting in my homeroom talking to my friend, who was working on her online class, I remembered that I only had two weeks of school left and more than half of my class to finish. It was at this moment in the icy cold algebra homeroom that my epiphany struck me. I wasn’t going to be able to finish my online elective. Since in the class if you don’t finish all the assignments and quizzes you get an automatic F, I began to see a not so bright future in front of me. By now it was too late to do anything that could help me or my grade, I only had two weeks of school left and one of them was completely consumed by finals. That leads us to today, I’m still trying to finish my class, even though my efforts are worthless and I have already given up any hopeful thoughts of passing. Maybe luck will come my way and ill magically pass my class. All in all I think this epiphany has taught me a valuable lesson that will stay with me for a long time. From now on ill be more careful with my procrastination and will get things done when I have the chance. I hope this helps other people realize that actions have consequences and that putting things off isn’t
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