Abigail Williams Escape Plan

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My Escape Plan Abigail Williams doesn’t want to stay in salem anymore. I Mercy Lewis do not want to stay in Salem either. The whole town appears scared of us, especially Abigail Williams. The girls and I fear Abigail the most, the whole reason we’re in this mess is because we got dragged into it by her. There was no way to escape her, no way out until now. I get together with Abigail and tell her I don’t want to stay in salem and think we should run away but one problem we don’t have money to get on the ship. The ship we’re getting on leads to Boston. Abigail's tells me it’ll be a lot of money and she thinks we should take money from Paris, a poor money hungry minister. Parris is Abigail's uncle which makes the situation ten times worse. I…show more content…
It’s Saturday night and I happen to look out my window and see abigail wondering the village i get curious and wonder where she is going. I leave my house and decide to follow her. Abigail enters a cellar where John Proctor is being held. She tells him she wants to leave Salem with him and she wants to start a life with him. Not once has she mentioned my name and our plan. She tells him she has enough money for two and two only, again my name is not mentioned. I feel betrayed and I’m angry for trusting her to help get out of here. I start to catch on and realise abigail was only using me for one thing she was gonna leave me in the dirt or as I see it Salem. Abigail admits she’ll kill me as soon as the job is done. My heart is racing and my hands are sweaty. John proctor denied Abigail's offer and I can hear her crying and I hear her footsteps getting closer. I think quickly and pick up a rock, I’m not scared of Abigail anymore and I know what I have to do. I use all my force to hit her in the back of the head. Abigail falls to the ground and she doesn't move I see blood and I panic. I feel for a heartbeat and and cannot find one I just killed Abigail williams. The only thing left to do is escape before somebody finds her. I hurry back to my cabin and wait for Paris to leave and when he does I go through the window and take the money. I run to the woods and make it to the docks by dawn. I fear Abigails not dead but I board the boat and never look
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