My Essay: My Writing Process

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During high school essays I would struggle to begin or introduce my opening paragraph. I would sit on my desk pondering without an effective plan to build my essay. As time would desperately consume thinking quickly would be the only option making me go through a “panic stage.” Basically, the uneasy feeling would make an approachable prompt confusing. My writing does not follow the writing process of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing effectively. First of all, the two writing processes are similar in terms of me drafting and editing my paper. When writing my rough draft I write on what I feel incorporates to my knowledge of the prompt. In this stage I don’t watch for any sort of mistakes, rather I focus on writing down the content. After that, I go into editing the spelling or grammar mistakes found on my paper. In addition, my personal writing and the writing process can be different in one way. When in the position of writing essays I usually always skip the prewrite session and just write what comes to mind. I believe the prewrite wastes my time in writing, however I’m learning that prewriting gives writers the advantage. Having the pressure to plan a thoughtful analytical essay can be stressful leaving my mind in a “blank state.”…show more content…
I tend to debate if my explanations are correct and clear. As mentioned earlier I’m well with sticking to a position but I still have an uncertainty with making proper reasoning. For instance, I always ask myself if this part of my essay be included. To be more specific, I tend not to have the best possible structured syntax and grammar. Some of my words or sentences may not make sense making it difficult for the audience to comprehend what I’m writing. In other words, my diction may not be the best when trying to explain my reasoning that comes to mind. To add on, my essays could be unorganized by the way my writing is structured and
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