My Grandfather's Influenced My Life

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I’ve always believed that my love for literacy was helped and inspired from my grandfather. From a young age I’ve always loved and looked up to him deeply. My grandpa Joe never had the opportunity to go to college or even high school. His ambitious personality for learning is definitely a part of me and he has always encouraged me through school. My grandpa Joe is the third oldest child of fifteen children. His mother being a single mom, was in need of help; financially. At the age of six he began shining shoes and would sell newspapers. He dropped out of school in only the ninth grade and went on working to help bring in support by working very hard full time in a hot dog factory. When he turned eighteen, my grandpa Joe also got married. Soon he came to the realization that he would need more than just working at a hot dog factory to provide for his family. His love Jesus and people is very strong, he made the decision to become a preacher and complete two years of preaching school. Along, with going back to school to get his GED. Literacy has had an enormous impact on my grandfather’s life. One sunny Saturday, I’m nine; and I’m sitting outside on the back porch,…show more content…
It was a big adjustment, he’s been my best friend, my whole life. Although, we did still write to each through letters back and forth, which, gave me and even more love and appreciation for writing. Because, writing was what made it possible for me to still feel close and very cared for by grandpa. We talk about everything big and small in our letters, like his new job as an oil truck driver or even just new books that we both have enjoyed reading. My grandpa also writes me poems, I now have a notebook full of the most beautiful poems from him. I still have the letters and poems and they’re something that I will forever cherish and keep close to me, for the rest of my
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