My Event: Important Events That Changed My Life

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Pre K In Pre-k my little sister was born. This was a big point in my life because it meant that i was a big brother. This event was important and significant at the time because i was now had a sibling and needed to be a role model for her. This event changed my life because we do a lot of things together. Also because it was when y little sister was born. Kindergarten In kindergarten my brother was born. I can still remember talking to my Dad on the phone and him telling me I now have a little brother. I was so excited. This event was important at the time because it was when i finally got a little brother. It still is important to me because me and my brother do a lott together and get along very well. 1st Grade In first grade I was riding my bike down the development trying to go “no hands”. Witch I had done before and had been good at. But hit a stone on the rode just right and got…show more content…
We had known each other but had never really talked. In second grade we were in the same class and the teacher had us sit next to each other. As be began to talk we became instant friends. This event was important at the time because I had just made a new friend. This event has changed my life in the long run because we are still good friends and i know i can count on him if i ever need help with something. 3rd Grade In third grade i started playing football. A couple of my friends had played flag football and told me how much fun it was. So in third grade i decided to try playing football because it was the first year you could actually hit. The first day of practice I absolutely loved the game. It was important at the time because it was my first time trying it and I absolutely loved it. It had a long impact on my life because I still play it to this day and travel around the state with my travel team just to play football. It also taught me teamwork and how to work with other people to accomplish big things. 4th

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