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Experience As a student, I have an average amount of writing experience; on the other hand, as a college student, I obtain a bare minimum of experience in writing. I have always been fond of writing, because writing is a wonderful way to voice my opinions, write about past experiences, and to write about creative material and ideas that come into my mind. I have always enjoyed writing position papers, especially when I am able to pick out the topic. This is since I take delight in finding out additional facts about the two sides to an issue and explaining my side. I have also always acquired an appreciation for writing about my past experiences. It is amusing for me to look back at the memories I have in my life and be able to share that with others. I also adore writing about random thoughts that come into my mind, because when I begin to feel uninterested in my surroundings, my mind tends to wander, and I find it to be hilarious, so I enjoy others to be able to also laugh about these topics. In the previous semester I studied in Composition 1, and I had a marvelous experience. The class has taught me splendidly when it comes to how to write in college. I can confidently write in MLA format and I have learned proper grammar as well, which is something I have always struggled with; however, I still have not perfected this yet. I passed the class with ease and it was not too stressful for me to maintain a decent grade. My goal for this class is to improve with my writing
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