My Experience As A Teacher

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My experience working with children has given me a clear understanding of how certain connections exist between being a teacher-like figure and how I can apply those acquired skills in a given school or community setting. For starters, my time working with the children was a humble experience in which I was presented opportunities to skillfully cultivate my attributes to mimic those of an educator and make a positive difference in a child’s life. Let it be through teaching them how to read or supervising them when they play, it was evident that I was capable in polishing my set of skills to understand the impact of the learning process and its never ending cycle. Foremost, having spent so much time with kids and understanding certain aspects in relations to how they think and act has shaped my understanding of the teaching and learning process like reveling in the shared knowledge of wanting to learn and praising them for excellent behaviour and learning. In addition, having respectful and supportive children and parents make the entire process that much more enjoyable and rewarding. It’s a profession that makes me admire the patience and legacy involved for it makes a difference in the lives of everyone it i directly impacts such as the parents and children. Furthermore, I have learned through my time with the children that teaching and learning is more than just supplying a child with an answer to a question. It’s teaching them the step by step process in understanding
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