Classroom Experience Essay

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My experience working with children has given me a clear understanding of how certain connections exist between being a teacher-like figure and how I can apply those acquired skills in a given school or community setting. For starters, my time working with the children was a humble experience in which I was presented opportunities to skillfully cultivate my attributes to mimic those of an educator and make a positive difference in a child’s life. Let it be through teaching them how to read or supervising them when they play, it was evident that I was capable in polishing my set of skills to understand the impact of the learning process and its never ending cycle. Foremost, having spent so much time with kids and understanding certain aspects…show more content…
I loved french class. I genuinely enjoyed learning about francophone culture, articulating in french and delving deep in the literary french world ny reading books we were to read for the duration of the semester. From reading “Zone” by Marcel Dubé, “Oscar et la Dame Rose” by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, “La Route de Chlifa” by Michèle Marineau and “L’étranger” by the philosophical novelist Albert Camus, I had discovered that my passion was wanting to teach others what had ignited my love and passion for the french language and culture. When leaving class after the end of each day, I was eager and looking forward to next day’s lesson, curious as to what I would learn next while still lingering by the portable door and gaze at the metal steel door in wonder as I realized that I had truly found my calling. Retrospectively speaking, I theorized that my love for wanting to be a teacher transcend from my happy memories and memorable times in french class. When it had finally started to dawn on me that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I took it as my own personal responsibility to dissect the many layers of french and its evolutionary components and make myself understand I took it as my own personal responsibility to dissect it and understand
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