My Experience In Disney: A Trip To Disney

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An experience that was meaningful to me was the time that my entire family and I went to Disney from July 1st,2010 to July 14th,2010 it was such a great experience. Jumping with excitement the first time that I found out (Participle). It was going to be my first big trip with my mom’s boyfriend who is now my dad. This was a trip that was holding such a big surprise at the end of it. I full of excitement (Absolute), got to packing as soon as I found out. We got there by driving I believe my parents realized their mistake at about hour two because of hearing "are we almost there" every couple of minutes. We left at night so that we could sleep most of the ride, but I couldn’t, I was so excited. When we finally got there, it was amazing and all I had seen was the hotel room. We stayed in the resort so that things were more continent. I remember that my family and i 's hotel rooms were connected, and we could see each other and make plans. After we got there we unpacked and got everything ready and headed to the bus stop and waited for the Magic Kingdom bus. As we waited my cousin Vance and I were ecstatic and couldn’t wait we talked about all the…show more content…
It was the seventh day and I saw my grandfather and dad talking my grandfather said the last word and they hugged I was so confused what was going on, but it stayed in the back of my mind the rest of the trip. On the tenth day we went to the Hollywood Studies. I rode a ride called the Tower of Terror it was one of the best rides I had been on in Disney it is a complete adrenalin rush. I also went on the great movie ride which is cool because you find out so much about old movies and I love it my sister didn’t like it. It was the final day of the trip my seventh Birthday the first thing that happened was when my parents told me that they were getting married I was so excited as well as shocked. Then my parents gave me a Brett Favre number four Vikings jersey it was awesome and even better my step dad got a matching
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