Reflective Essay: My Experience In Health Care Studies

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My Experience in the Health Care Studies Program
It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman in college unaware of what was before me. Now that I am about to be a graduate, reflecting will be bittersweet as this road comes to an end. When I was in middle school and high school I was always attracted to the medical field. Though my interests changed from wanting to be a doctor, to a vet, and then to an occupational therapist, my “dream job” always stayed in the medical realm. I believe this stems from me being an empathetic person and genuinely wanting to help others in any way I can, especially the people who are looked past including those with a disability or mental illness. Therefore, I came to husson in the five year occupational therapy masters program with my bachelors in health care studies. The first two years I loved my classes as they were very diverse and went into
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At first, I thought this career would not be suited for me because I did not think it matched my personality very well since I am more of an introvert. However, I also believe I should not doubt my abilities and just take the power away from my anxiety who says I can not. I will merely just do my best to learn and be the best I can be. If you never fight through challenges you will never grow. I like the idea of case management because families who have a child with a disability need as much help as they can get. If I could do something to point them in the right direction and take some weight off of their shoulders I would be happy to do so. I know case managers have helped my parents tremendously with my brother. They would have also made a difference if my parents had access to one when my brother was a
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