My Experience In High School

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My sisters were in high school, still teenagers. They convinced me that I should go back and complete my degree. This is why it was so important for me to continue in school. “The three of us, my two younger sisters and I had worked in a tomato factory that summer before I went to my field placement in Cincinnati. My little sisters gave me part of their money to get me to Cincinnati and have something to support myself until the agency gave me a stipend in October. I had only the money that we, the three sisters, made that summer in the tomato factory to sustain me for the months of August and September, before I received a small monthly student worker paycheck from August 1962 until February, 1963. “My three brothers were in the Navy and my oldest sister was married and away from home. My two younger sisters and I did not know where the four other siblings were.” “Bert and I were sitting in my dormitory talking about these circumstances and the possibility of my going back to Cincinnati to take the position that was offered, or go home to Delaware and get a teaching position. I received a special delivery letter in the dormitory office. The dormitory director had just seen me in the lobby and indicated this to the letter carrier. As the mail man was backing out the door to give me my letter, Bert intercepted the letter and gave it to me. I read the letter and started crying. The letter was from a male friend of mine from Cincinnati “Bert

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