My Experience In High School

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Midterm Essay Ever since the day I got accepted into the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire I’ve been so anxious and ready to move out so I could finally have freedom to whatever I want whenever I want to. College has been a lot different though than I would’ve expected it. I didn’t think I’d get homesick at all and I thought that I would have a ton of friends right away, and boy was I wrong. The first weekend here I felt like I meet so many new people, it was so exciting but since I meet so many people I forgot everyone’s names and never really meet back up with them. Once classes began it was even harder to meet new friends since I had to be so focused in my classes. As weeks went on I became more and more homesick and missed all my friends back home, and especially missed my dog. The one good thing about coming from such a big high school was that so many people I knew also came to UWEC so I always have someone to hang out with when I’m missing home, but then I realized that college was going to be no fun if I didn’t try to make new friends. So I figured what better way to make new friends then to hang out with the girls that lived on my floor. I started hanging with them every once in a while, and I’m so glad I did since now I consider them my best friends here. I love living in the dorms since it makes it so easy to hang out with people whenever you want to. The begging of the college experience for me was a little rough moving away from my family and friends, but now

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