My Senior Year In High School

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It was my senior year and I was on track to be Valedictorian at my high school. The school was located in the small town of Hyrum, Utah. I would like to say that I went to a prestigious school that housed the most intelligent students in the country. However, it couldn’t be more different. The pungent smell of manure would waft down the hallways as students walked to and from class, I was always late to school because I would get trapped behind tractors on the single lane highway, and there were always pickup trucks in the parking lot. That being said, I loved this school with all of my heart. Friday night football would always make the front of our small-town newspaper, our school spirit was incredible, I knew everyone in my high school by name, and the teachers had great relationships with the students. However, the second trimester of my senior year, everything changed.…show more content…
And Mrs. Feinaur? Well… she was a snake. This lady LOVED snakes! She kept two of them as pets inside the classroom. As she was grading our papers, she would have a large, green, scaly, boa constrictor wrapped around her neck, named Timmy, claiming it was “therapeutic”. I walked into her class with full confidence that I would get a perfect grade. After all, I had never had difficulty getting a 4.0 before. When I walked in, I saw some of my friends that were on my cheer squad. As I sat down on the hard, mustard yellow chair next to them, Professor Feinaur shot me a dirty look. This didn’t phase me though, I decided she would learn to like me soon
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