My Experience In Math

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Math has not always been my favorite and strongest subject. I was not always the best at it, but over the years I have definitely improved. I have had my issues with math, but I have always thought of myself as a good math student. I sometimes struggle with memorizing concepts, but once I get the big idea I am pretty good at it. Also, depending on the subject or topic I can grasp the material pretty easily. I remember in the fourth grade we were being taught how to do long division and while learning how to solve the equations I would have panic attacks because it was so hard for me to understand how to do them. I felt like giving up because that was the first time I did not understand how to do a math problem. Eventually, my teacher calmed me down and we sat together after school and she taught me step by step on how to do each problem. In middle school that was when I started to love math because of my eighth grade math teacher. He was very devoted in his job to make a positive impact on his students by teaching and guiding our young minds with his knowledge in math.
I have my strengths and I also have my weaknesses in math topics. Algebra is one of the easiest subjects that I was taught. I felt that I was able to grasp the concepts instantly and I easily understood new strategies as soon as they were taught to me. Trigonometry and precalculus was a struggle I had because there was a lot going on and it was very hard to understand. Another struggle I had was word
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