My Experience In Middle School

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According to Zooey Deschanel, nothing can be as hard as middle school. I was a big scaredy cat when I started middle school in 5th grade. My guts were flipping and flopping on that first day. Even though I didn’t know any teachers or friends, I made new friends and met new teachers. I had Mrs. Wherley as a homeroom teacher, she was nice as pie to me. I liked how we could move around to classes instead of staying in one class for the whole day. The first few days I felt like I was part of a cattle drive and I was a little cow.

The next year, I was now a 6th grader. I had Mr. Bayer as my homeroom teacher, he is so funny. I liked how he would dress silly, it would always make me laugh. That year we did not have a social studies teacher because Mr. Ferguson went to teach 5th grade. My homeroom teacher taught us social studies. Mr. Wear kinda scared me, he gave out a lot of homework. I thought my hands were going to crack and my eyes could blow up! Maybe that is why I wear glasses now! Ha! Maybe so…..?

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I am now in 8th grade. My homeroom teacher is Mr. Troutt. In 8th grade the teachers seem very hard, they are a lot different than 7th grade teachers. Since we are the “top dogs” of the school, we must be examples to all the kids in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. I am in cross-country right now. I am the top runner right now on the varsity team. I hope I can get a little faster before the end of the year. We have a small team this year, only have 10 girls. I am planning to run track in the spring, but I hope I can do more events than just the 1 mile and the 4x400m relay. I am surprised how fast middle school has gone by. We are going to be in high school in less than a year! Now, just thinking about it, I am a little nervous. My guts are flipping and flopping if I think about it, just like 5th grade. I better just block it out, or better yet, I just need to find a time machine and skip some of
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