My Experience In My Daily Experience

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In my daily experiences, I don 't think I am able to recognize that I lack certain privileges or that I unconsciously don 't realize l that I am being oppressed. Why don 't I realized that I 'm being oppressed? It is most likely that the action is engrained deep into the society 's thinking to be a social norm, which created stereotypes and prejudice. I would have to sit down and reflect on the situation. For example, a stereotype for Asians is that they are good at math and science. If I was white, the individual would not come up to me with that prejudice in mind. The would privilege is struggling for me because it hard for me to distinguish what I have and don 't have. How I view myself that I have previously mentioned in the past journals is that I sometimes see myself as white or no color. I am no different from my peers. It 's hard to describe the phenomena that I feel, but of course that is not how others view me, which I acknowledge. Obviously, I know that minority lack privilege and that if you are a white male you are in the highest dominant group to be most privilege. When ask about my personal effects of a lack of privilege created in my daily life. My mind is mushed and scrambled trying to conjure up memories to tell a story because I don 't think about the oppression taken place at that moment in time. I ask the question again. Why don 't I see lack of my privileges? I have concluded that the event that had taken place was so subtle that it went over my
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