My Experience In My Life

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Adventure is probably the thing I am most passionate about. If you keep up with my blog chances are you knew that face already. Pushing myself to do things I never imagined and learning new things about places and people is where my heart comes alive. It is incredible, and undeniably breathtaking. When you reach the top of a mountain after hiking all day, or make that jump while mountain biking, there is nothing like it. Yet, I never believed God could me as interested as the adventurous activities I partook in. I watched Christain lives play out like this. After college I would get a job, settle down, get married, and have children. Those are the Godly examples set before me and there is nothing wrong with that. That lifestyle of steadiness, lacking adventure, sounded unbelievably boring to me. I did not want to end up complacent. Many plans had already been made. How could it be that God could offer me the same kind of excitement I got when I went cliff jumping in the sweet summertime. I concluded he couldn 't. I knew after my first semester Freshman year I had a talent for speaking. In fact, it felt like my only talent. I began to pray for God 's plan for my life. Still a little clueless as to what I want to do with my life. The summer rolled around and nothing had happened. A year later I heard of an audition for a Ted talk. The next two weeks I slaved over ideas and came up with one I deemed interesting. After chatting with professors the idea seemed to have

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