Personal Narrative: My Life As A Popular Girl

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When I was younger, I lived in a calm, quiet town in New York state. Life there was hard. In elementary school, I was always the black sheep of my class and didn’t have many friends. I was a quiet, nerdy, shy girl. There weren’t many other geeky outsiders like me in my class either, and I longed to be one of the popular girls, the girls who had pretty hair and perfect faces and who did sports. Unfortunately, I was never a big fan of sports and I was always concerned about my looks. Some days I felt my hair was too thick, and on others, I felt like my glasses made me look too much like a dork. I have also always been an introverted, reserved, bookish girl, and I was made fun of because of how quiet I was. I hated having very few friends and wondered if I would…show more content…
It wasn’t until after I started hanging with them that I became more and more self-conscious. I hated how nerdy and dorky I looked with my glasses and braces, and I decided that my wardrobe needed to be updated. The girls wore athletic clothes, makeup, and short shorts, but I knew my mom would never in a million years let me wear any of those. I then went out of my way to change how I looked just for my new friends, despite what my mom said, but I still found it hard to fit in.

It wasn’t until after a couple months into the school year that my group of friends was starting to reveal their true colors. They would often ignore me and make fun of how I looked. But despite all of the teasing, I kept attempting to be popular. It soon occurred to me that being popular also meant hurting other people’s feelings. There was another girl named Sophia, and I hung out with her. We became good friends, but the popular girls didn’t like her. I had to ditch her because of Jadyn.
“You don’t need her, stick with us, Kaitlin,” Jadyn admitted.
This was a confusing situation, but I had to speak up.
I replied;“But she’s my friend, I would never try to hurt anyone like
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