My Experience In My Life In The Philippines

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The reason I lived in the Philippines for five years was my father, has been assigned to the manager in charge of shipbuilding in the Subic Bay Free Economic Zone. Shamefully, I didn’t know anything about the Philippines before I arrived there. I did not care how many people are there, what language they speak, and what religion they have. When I first arrived at the Manila airport, the only thing in my mind was a hope going back to my home country because of the unbearable heat and humidity. The first day I went to Brent International School Subic came to my mind. At that time, I could not speak even a word in English, and I knew for the first time that there were so many different languages in the world. Classes were taught in English, but when the class ended, students from all over the world chatted incessantly in Tagalog, Spanish and other languages that I couldn’t even recognize. I had no idea what they are talking about and felt I was abandoned on an uninhabited island. I was somewhat introverted when living in Busan. However, in Brent, I approached my peers recklessly even though I couldn’t speak English fluently. Whenever I encounter any of my peers, I started to say "Hi" and "Hello" and suggested them to play sports after school. Still, It is marvelous to think where my courage came from. It was the matter of time and effort. After a few months, I was able to understand all the lessons, taught in English, and My friends came to me before I approach them. I was

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