The Great Depression-Personal Narrative

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It was the last week of summer vacation. I was tired, I was stressed, and I couldn 't take it anymore. There was no solution till now and I needed one as soon as possible. I can 't keep all this pain in me. So I decided to meet up with my friend. She always had some sort of solution, I 'm just not sure that she has one for this. I had to admit it, I had to admit my depression. I went to her house and rang the doorbell. As soon as she opened the door, I bursted in tears. I was bewildered on how much weight she gained, but that didn’t really matter at the moment. Max was traumatized and took me to her room. I explained to her how pessimistic I was and how I made everything seem so negative. She was very confused because she always thought…show more content…
Well, it really is in this situation. She told me what she did to get rid of her depression. “I ate, ate, and ate” Max said. It all made sense now, no wonder she gained all this weight. I can’t believe she’s doing that to herself and I can’t believe she thought that it would help me too. But at the same time, maybe she was just like me. Hopeless. I wiped away my tears with my sleeve and I then asked her this “How did you figure out that it helped”. “I felt exactly like how you felt when you rang my doorbell so I decided to eat. It then went from one burger to five, I felt so much better.” she said. I stayed quiet for a few seconds. I didn’t know what to say so I told her that I had to go home and I thanked her for the advice she gave me even though I probably won’t be using it. By the time I reached home it was dark and it was time to do something that most people do except for me, sleep. I never sleep and just overthink about everything. Especially about what Max told me earlier today. I thought to myself, if Max couldn’t even help me, then I will need to help myself. The question was how. After hours and hours of thinking in my bed, no ideas. I felt weak, useless, and vulnerable. I just need to wait no matter how long it…show more content…
Great, exactly what I needed, a bunch of bullies and pathetic girls. I put my mask on and kept my smile big. Max and I spoke about yesterday. I told her how I knew eating wasn’t going to help because I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna to get out of shape. “Of course I’m not forcing you Elizabeth, there are many other ways even though it isn’t easy.” Max said. School was finally over and I thought of something. What if I tried eating like Max, who cares if I’m not in shape. Who’s there to impress. I found some burgers my mom made yesterday and started eating. What a fail, I was full right after eating the first one. My metabolism was too high. I could no longer take it anymore. I brought out a blade and I’m pretty sure you know what’s next.I sliced through my skin with the blade. It was weird because I thought it would just be pain. It was pain, but a good pain. I don’t really know if that makes sense. Right when I was about to go for another round, I stopped and just cried. I didn 't know what I was doing. “WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF” I screamed to myself. If I was going to conquer my depression, I shouldn’t be cutting

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