My Experience In My Yearbook

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My yearbook experience was pretty great. I thought it was just gonna be getting pictures and putting them in a yearbook, but at some time I wanted to actually put feeling into the yearbook, I started putting quotes and inspirational paragraphs because I wanted to make the yearbook good, My first year so they’ll want me to do it again. Also, I think I did a pretty good job on my work. I made things that you would look at and actually relate to so everyone will feel special I did everything I could to make this yearbook a little emotional it can make you happy or sad.

I will expect to see at least one person ecstatic with our efforts of making a perfect yearbook, I will expect to see at least one person to love my page, Also I will expect to see someone who doesn’t talk to start being more of a talker, I know it’s a long shot but I really think this is more than possible. I learned to think more about my writing I write sad songs and I try at happy songs I put emotion into my music, I have songs I’m proud about I actually wrote something good, Someone says “who says you couldn’t do it in the first place” My response is “ Meh said it Meh did”

Also I have learned how to anticipate more about people, Like how they’ll feel with what I say, or do when I talk to them a certain way, It’s hard to tell what I’m trying Portray.

Well I’ve learned a lot of things I will be able to use later especially the songwriting thing. And the reaction thing that I can’t really portray. I’ll

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