My Experience In Secondary School

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In China, because of the largest population, not every student could get admission to higher education in colleges. So attending a key middle school was essential to enter universities. With my diligence and intelligence, I distinguished myself to enter the key secondary school in my hometown----Yibin No.1 middle school, which is famous as “the cradle of future college students”.
I would like to describe my life in secondary school as a painful but joyful journey. In this six-year period, I suffered a lot from study pressure physically and psychologically because I had to give up all my hobbies and spare all my leisure time working on the college entrance exam questions. But my memories about middle school were not just awful, I also had a wonderful time with my classmates and friends who shared the happiness and sadness, ups and downs with me throughout these six years.
Learning and life experience in secondary school was totally different from that in primary school. But for most Chinese students, the only purpose of attending high school is to maintain an excellent academic record, pass the college entrance exam and enter a top university. But that was not how I saw it. When I was a young and ingenuous girl in primary school, I strongly believed that secondary school would be an open door into the rest of my life, enriching my knowledge and perfecting my personality. I did not want to learn just through books but to learn about the meaning of life and the road ahead of
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