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Many things pass my mind once I experience them, but this incident left me with a traumatizing repercussion. The first day of 7th grade had arrived, and I was terribly nervous. For as long as I could remember, I had always been that kid that got overly anxious for first days, or any type of social situation for that matter. My anxiousness was most probably fostered from the sheltered environment I grew up in. I was constantly ridiculously shy to socialize or interact with new people. It would take me for what felt like centuries to settle into a classroom and be somewhat comfortable with the class and teachers. Since it was the first day of school, I knew the dreadful introducing ourselves assignments were coming up. Unbeknownst to me, I had…show more content…
The students began to shuffle into class. I walked in after them, and at first glance, the class appeared huge, but it was soon packed with around thirty-five students, in which it quickly looked small and crammed. The tables were arranged in sets of three with a huge smart board on the center of the wall in the front of the room. I walked further into the classroom and chose a seat in the third row, mostly because I despised how much attention was given to the front rows, and I wanted to be as invisible as possible. A woman walks into the classroom, looking prepared with a stack of papers. She has unruly, curly, brown, medium-length hair, which she tamed by pinning the front sections to the back. Her nose, the most prominent feature, is big and round like a cartoon character. Her eyebrows are thin and sparse, changing shape to suit her mood. This is a face I would soon remember for the rest of my life. A face that would come up to remind and haunt me of my social…show more content…
I liked the creativity component of the task that allowed for us to thoroughly reflect on who inspires us and what we would want to be when we grow up. I just didn’t like the part in which we had to present it in front of the class. I started to write down general facts about me, and then I let my creativity out. I wrote down how greatly my grandfather has inspired me to become a lawyer. There was something about spending hours of his day to serve justice that I appreciated. Furthermore, he always mentioned that if I were to study law that I should join Harvard Law School because it was the most known, and prestigious university for law studies. Evidently, being a kid, I genuinely thought at that time that I would become a lawyer and undoubtedly get an acceptance into Harvard Law School. Call me an unrealistic thinker, but to my defense, I was a kid; a kid with a wild dream. I began to finalize my project by printing out a few pictures, which I stuck on a paper to demonstrate the ideas, that I was going to mention during my presentation. In a way, I was beginning to ease the nervousness I had. I was developing quite an excitement towards the assignment. I knew I wasn’t going to instantly master the art of public speaking, but at least I was passionate about the topics I was going to talk

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