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There have been quite many contrasting set of things engaged in my theatre experience, and all of these have contributed to developing my “personal context”. I am extremely confident and at my best in coming up with various directorial choices in order to create a strong impact on my audience. I have been part of a few workshops and productions, which had me involved in as the role of a performer. All of these have had an extensive impact on the way that I am today in aspects of theatre.
Workshop and my experience in Clowning Through a clowning workshop by Sukhmani Kohli in Bangalore, I learnt various skills that can be applied to theatre. The workshop was intensive and extremely bizarre, but at the end of it, I became more spontaneous, open and confident while performing on stage. Particularly, it helped me discover the inner clown that I had within me. Clowning also facilitated my imaginative skills, making me better at showcasing various emotions from different perspectives. During the practicum, I was exposed to various body works that involved both, body and language as a medium for conversing ideas.
This was probably one of my first practical experiences in physical theatre. The use of storytelling and improvisation activities in particular, aided me in forming good communicative skills. These tricks moreover taught me more about volume modulation techniques; and how one can convey different meanings with the same dialogue, by merely changing one’s volume. I found

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