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While spending a lazy afternoon at home, reading a fiction thriller novel in my bedroom, and listening to Mozart, I can’t help but notice how everything feels different. It must be the oddity of having the luxury of time without worrying about any academic matter, but I know there’s something deeper than that.

I was away for only a year and a half except for holiday breaks and the short weekend trips I make when I have time. College is tough to deal with especially when away from home. UP makes it too difficult to beat. Now that I spend most of the year in the university, I try not to dwell so much in the comfort of being home, as the university life taught me that it’s difficult to build a permanent home in a temporary place. Learning this in college is not at all odd, as most of the experience I make in the university is fleeting. In college, it is always either a choice of treasuring every moment or a play safe by not trying to get a chance at something that could last.

After catching myself staring blankly in space, I realized how our house looks so similar as before. In my
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I have always thought that significant change is a long process. However, five months in college changed me more than ten years in elementary and high school ever did. Because everyday in the university, I live a routine, which requires me to be independent from my parents, responsible for my own needs, wise in making decisions, and careful in trusting people. I have truly seen myself grow within my first three semesters in the university and it manifests so much in my attitude and outlook in life today. University life makes me know myself better. It makes me see the complexity of the society that I am in and convinces me to become a bigger part of it. It teaches me when to stand up or when to walk out. College is teaching me to be ready not for a career, but for a life worth living. It teaches me to choose to
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