My Experience In Writing

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I have always enjoyed reading and writing, however, writing, never came so naturally for me. It has been ten years since my last English, or writing class. The extent of my writing today is limited to emails between co-workers, or simply texting on my cellphone. In the military you are trained to get straight to the point. Stop and think before you speak, and when it comes to writing, whether memos or emails, the same applies but the goal is to get to the point to obtain a quick straight forward response. I joined the military in hopes of traveling the world, gaining real life experience and a true love for the country my family and I migrated too twenty-four years ago. I planned to make the military my career, but now, at almost thirty years old, a father and a husband; I found myself craving more, furthering my education is not only how I can further my career, but also become a well-rounded, educated individual. I took English 101, not only because it is required for my degree, but because I knew I needed to expand my vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. I began English 101 as a mediocre writer, I am leaving English 101 with a few more skills, the potential, desire and most importantly the resources to become a great one. One of my biggest challenges was always grammar; still is, in fact. I remember in elementary school, being taught commas were when a person took a breath or break in sentences. So I always wrote paper how I spoke aloud and added commas when I felt I
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